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Headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Infotourist makes freewheeling, acerbic rock-and-roll featuring:

  • Presidential photo-ops.
  • Beta males.
  • Election correction.
  • Flickering fluorescent strip lights.
  • Day traders and despots.
  • Holy highways.
  • Bulleted feature lists.

After having been on hiatus for a decade for other projects (including The Gertrudes), Infotourist has reunited.

On Infotourist's first coming:

Their first single, “Hello, Helpdesk!“, an emancipation proclamation for cubicle dwellers, was chosen to represent Canada on the Millennium Music Conference Compilation CD, on which it was designated as one of the best tracks by Barry Fox and Kira L. Schlechter of the Harrisburg Patriot-News, writing that “the highly observant lyrics are brilliantly pointed”. The Unisong International Songwriting Contest also awarded the song with an Honourable Mention.

Infotourist’s subsequent musical war-on-war-on-terror, entitled “America Will Hide Me From The World”, earned an Honourable Mention in the international “We Are Listening” 2006 Singer / Songwriter Awards, and was chosen as a Finalist in the renowned Independent Music Awards by judges including Peter Gabriel and Suzanne Vega. It was also listed on the “Justice Through Music” website, and on Neil Young’s “Living With War Today” songs page.

After releasing their EP, “Selected Case Studies”, Infotourist took their captivating live show to North By Northeast, the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg PA, and the main stage of Kingston’s legendary Skeleton Park Arts Festival. Infotourist was selected, along with only three other Canadian bands, to perform in the “Canada Rocks” showcase, sponsored by Billboard magazine, as part of “City Showcase - Spotlight London 2007", at The Metro in London, England.

On Infotourist's second coming:

After over a decade, Infotourist has reunited to release their thundering first full-length album, “The Election”. They also completed and released a formerly unfinished EP entitled “The Employee”. You really ought to invite them to your festival, bar, or bunker to perform them for you.

“Their sound punches convention in the face with a fistful of indie cred and Radiohead-meets-Modest Mouse-meets-Godspeed You.” — Alexis Dow, Harrisburg Patriot-News

“All I can really add is that the above quote might undersell them a bit.” — Justin Beach, Canadian Music Spotlight